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New Bike Sizing Fit

Test out various bike models and sizing to determine which is the best bike for you before buying and have it set up perfectly ready to ride!

Time to buy a new bike? Whether you’re looking at buying your first road bike or custom building your n+1 dream bike we will ensure you choose wisely the best bike model, size, spec and set up for your chosen riding needs using our dynamic fitting jig.

With hundreds of brands and numerous models of bike available, making the right choice can be a very difficult task. Our years of experience bike fitting and unbiased recommendations will guide you against an incorrect purchase on an inappropriate or ill-fitting bike.

  • Jack Brackley09/04/21

    Highly recommended a bike fit with Pat from SpeedLab. He's fitted me for two bikes now and the before/after difference is amazing. Great value for money and a super nice guy! Thanks Pat

    Patrick Jones09/02/21

    Had a session with Pat today & found it very useful& insightful - would recommend for anyone with niggling aches & pains who wants to get an optimal position.

    Chris Hearn09/04/21

    Pat is always helpful and friendly and his extensive knowledge of bike fitting and cycling training makes sure you come away a better and happier cyclist. Many thanks.

  • Joe Withers26/05/21

    Had an excellent bike fit with Pat, bike now feels super fast and comfortable, and I learned loads in the process. Pat is incredible knowledgable, and clearly goes the extra mile to make sure your fit is spot on. Thanks!

    Matt Colson09/04/21

    Super helpful bike fitting with Pat, bike feels great on long rides now and no more pain in my knee. Lots of useful tips as well on my positioning on the bike.

    Chris Hogan02/06/21

    Pat really helped sort out my bike. I hadn t realised the value of a proper bike fit until I met Pat. Riding position is now hugely improved. Great service from a very knowledgeable guy. Thanks Pat.

  • Adam Rushton09/04/21

    Recently had a bike fitting with Pat - very knowledgeable and personable. Overall a great experience and bike comfort feels better than ever !

    Laura Smith09/04/21

    Great expert bike fitting, a series of training plans and virtual group rides over the past year have been a real boost to my cycling performance.

    Justin Teutsch09/07/20

    Thoroughly impressive setup for performance/racing bike fit. Pat is extremely precise, down to the last mm for all elements of bike configuration. I highly recommend for any competitive cyclist/tri athlete, but novice cyclists will also benefit. Really happy with what he s done for me on the bike

Bike Finder & New Bike Fittings

Online appointments are available to both new and existing clients.

BikeFinder & Buying A New Bike Fit(s) Bike Sizer Bike Fit Buying A New Road Bike Fit(s) Buying A New TT/Triathlon Bike Fit(s)
Pricing £150 £350 £450
Duration 1- 1.5 hrs 3.5- 4 hrs 4.5- 5 hrs
Rider Interview & Measurements
Postural & Movement Assessment
Digital Sit-Bone & Foot Assessment
Bike Finder Fit (Choose your perfect bike & size)
Test Components for Perfect Size & Comfort
Initial & Final Bike Measurements Recorded
Body Angles & Position Recorded At Every Stage
Bike Adjustments & Set Up Improved At Every Stage
Cleat Positioning with Knee Tracking Recorded
Saddle Testing on Dynamic Fitting Jig
Component Testing on Dynamic Fitting Jig
Detailed Bike Fit Report & Angle Overlays Movie
Recommendations on Best Bikes for You
New Bike Purchase Support – Email/Phone Advice
Final Fitting – Set Up Your New Bike  
Essential Parts Fitted (Saddle, Stem, Pedals/Cleats)  
Multiple Bar Positions Recorded (Eg Tops, Hoods, Drops, TT)  
Advanced Parts Fit (Footbeds, Aero-Bars, Speedplays)  
Footbed Testing & Shoe/Pedal Interface Fit  
Outdoor Test Ride & Final Videos (All Positions)  
TT & Aerobar Fitting (Advanced Measurements)    
TT/Triathlon Aerobars & Redshift Seatpost Testing    
Triathlon Parts (Aerobottles, Cage Systems, GPS Mounts)    
Physio Injury Assessment & Plan (+£100) available available available
Retul Motion Capture System (+£100) available available available

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