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Video Analysis Bike Fitting for existing bike

Video Analysis Bikefit

Using sophisticated video analysis, we provide an insight into your cycling movement and body position for better cycling comfort and efficiency. We capture video clips from both side and front to dynamically record your cycling position in motion. This provides a more realistic picture of your actual pedal strokes and body positions than sitting statically on the bike.

This bikefit measures key riding position angles and distances using video analysis tools. We’ll find the ideal riding position that’s both powerful and comfortable for you through adjustments to seat height and position, handlebar height, and stem length. Included in this fit: Elite software evaluating your position from real time video data – Knee tracking and cleat/shoe fitting – Adjustments and evaluation of all contact points – Coaching on posture and pedaling technique – Detailed report with position and bike set-up measurements

Retul 3D Motion Capture Bike Fitting for existing bike

3D Retul Road & TT Bikefit

This is quite simply the best investment you will ever make on your cycling. If you already own a bike and looking to achieve the best possible position for efficiency, performance and comfort then this is the most advanced bikefit you can get. A comprehensive three hour fit conducted by a Retul certified bike fit specialist utilizing the latest in bike fitting technology.

Included in this fit: Interview about rider history, desired goals and medical concerns – A functional flexibility and biomechanical assessment – Retul 3D dynamic motion capture equipment evaluating your position from real time data – Knee tracking and left/right side symmetry recorded for comparison – Video analysis to see changes in your position – Comprehensive adjustments and evaluation of all contact points for ideal support and fit – Coaching on posture and pedaling technique – Detailed Retul fit report with position and bike set-up measurements

Retul 3D Motion Capture Bike Fitting for buying a new bike

New Bike Fit & Consultation

Time to buy a new bike? Whether you’re looking at buying your first road bike or custom building your n+1 dream bike we will ensure you choose wisely the best bike model, size, spec and set up for your chosen riding needs. With hundreds of brands and numerous models of bike available, making the right choice can be a very difficult task. Our years of experience bikefitting and unbiased recommendations will guide you against an incorrect purchase on an inappropriate or ill-fitting bike.

Included in this fit: Retul 3D motion capture bikefit on the Retul Muve dynamic jig to find your optimal position – Try different size bars, stems, crank length, saddles and pedals to see which best works for you – Recommendations of best bike solutions included with the detailed Retul fit report – Unlimited support post fit helping you with your new bike purchase – Set your new bike up to the perfect position in a final fitting

Balance Physio Cycling Analysis Bike Fitting

Physio Cycling Analysis

Feeling pain or discomfort whilst cycling? Our physio cycling analysis is perfect for you if you have any injuries which are impairing your riding or you think your bike set up could be contributing to pain whilst on the bike. We combine musculoskeletal assessments off the bike alongside video analysis filming you from the front, side and back whilst riding on the bike using specialist bike fitting biomechanics software. Frame by frame detail can show us asymmetries and problem areas at notably the back, hip, knee, foot over pedal/cleat position.

This bikefit comes with the added value of the combined expertise of a physio and bike fitter working together with you (and your bike) at the same time. We diagnose your injuries, adjust any contact points on your bike and cleat position to improve your bike set up, offer postural and riding technique tips, and prescribe a treatment and exercise plan to get you riding strong and injury free!

SpeedLab Bike Fitting Options

Online appointments are available to both new and existing clients.

Bike Fits Video Analysis Bikefit Physio Cycling Analysis 3D Retul Road & TT Bikefit New Bike Fit & Consultation
Features & Pricing £150-£200 (1.5-2hr) £120 (1hr) £350 (3-4hrs) £400 (2x2hrs)
Rider Interview
Postural & Movement Assessment
Video Analysis & Report
Bike Position Adjustments
Shoe/Pedal Interface Fit
Physio Injury Assessment available available
Physio Rehab Exercise Plan available available
Retul 3D Motion Capture
Retul Real Time Data Evaluation
Report of Body Angles & Comparisons
Zinn Report – Digital Map of Final Bike Set Up
Ongoing Support – Email/Phone Advice
Retul Muve – Dynamic Fitting Jig available
Test Components for Perfect Size & Comfort
Recommendations on Best Bikes for You
Final Fitting – Set Up Your New Bike

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