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The Fireflies Tour

Every year in June, The FireFlies cycle over the Alps to the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. The challenge is to ride more than 1000 kms over at least 20 mountains in 8 days. Their commitment is to raise money to support life-saving research into the causes and treatment of leukaemia and blood cancers. We ride for those who cannot, it’s tough but nowhere near as tough as the fight with cancer.

Fighting for every inch of road is like fighting for every moment of life. That’s why the ride needs to be tough. To date, The FireFlies Tour has raised over £1.7 million for those who truly suffer. Inspired by the courage it takes to fight cancer, The FireFlies is a celebration of life, love and friendship. Bicycles are involved, but so are tears, laughter, mountains, ice-creams, reggae music and uncommon amounts of joy.

London Cycling Coaching Classes Stages Power Meters

One More City

One More City is an annual cycling campaign in October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) with a simple ethos: the journey is never over; we are always progressing towards the next city, there are always more kilometres to do, more climbs to conquer and more challenges to face. This is akin to the reality of anyone living with cancer, especially secondary cancer, for whom the challenge is never over; there are always more treatments to endure, more scans to face, more side effects to manage.

One More City is focused on raising awareness of secondary breast cancer, and funding innovative research into this disease which killed nearly 12,000 women in 2016 in the UK alone. One More City was founded by Christine O’Connell, a keen cyclist who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer in 2018. For more about Christine, please visit the About Us section on the Website:

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Spin to Fight Cancer

Whether you’re a Firefly or a OMC rider or an individual cyclist doing one of our OPEN 8wk cycling courses, you’ll get stronger on the bike like never before and be ready to smash your cycling challenge. As an added bonus you’ll be helping to donate any classes profits to our above charities. All OPEN courses profits will also go towards fighting cancer. Click on the link below to see course dates and get riding with us all!

Chat from Pat: “I’ve been involved with training the Fireflies since 2008 and Christine (founder of One More City) since 2016. This past year we have been using H2 Clubs to run the 8wk FTP Cycling Classes and they have both been a hell of a lot of fun and a great success in weekly turnout. There’s a strong comradery between all the riders during the weekly sessions and the social element is really motivating … and that’s just for me to get my arse on a bike and ride!” 😉

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