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  • Cesar Marchese Avatar

    Really friendly and professional bike fitting. Went on first session and all measurements were corrected. Got a saddle to try... read more

    Cesar Marchese 02/06/2021
    Plum Lomax Avatar

    Excellent ! Huge gap between before and after performance. Can t recommend Pat too highly.

    Plum Lomax 02/06/2021
    Chris Hogan Avatar

    Pat really helped sort out my bike. I hadn t realised the value of a proper bike fit until... read more

    Chris Hogan 02/06/2021
    Thomas Reinhardt Avatar

    Got my bike fitted to me, got some tips on my cycling technique and had a good lough while doing... read more

    Thomas Reinhardt 02/06/2021
    Antons Petrovs Avatar

    Great suggestions to help me be comfortable on my bike for hours. Definitely recommend!

    Antons Petrovs 02/06/2021
    Joe Withers Avatar

    Had an excellent bike fit with Pat, bike now feels super fast and comfortable, and I learned loads in the... read more

    Joe Withers 26/05/2021
    Charlie Neate Avatar

    Amazing service from Pat. Got my first TT bike and needed the full fitting - didn t know much about... read more

    Charlie Neate 26/05/2021
    David E. Arguello B�ez Avatar

    Great Great Experience !!Why didn't I do it before ? Why did I bought stuff that was not good to... read more

    David E. Arguello B�ez 09/05/2021
    Harriet Piercy Avatar

    Highly recommend! Pat was great, efficient and made the experience fun too.

    Harriet Piercy 09/05/2021
    david warren Avatar

    Pat used to run a cycle spin class in a gym I went to before all the COVID lockdown. We... read more

    david warren 09/05/2021
    Jordan Belli Avatar

    I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a bike fit to book in with Pat.He instantly spotted faults with... read more

    Jordan Belli 09/05/2021
    Sophie Kirk Avatar

    Pat has helped me set up my TT bike over several fittings as my confidence grew out on the road.... read more

    Sophie Kirk 09/05/2021
  • Tom Newman Avatar

    Pat and I met in 2008 when I was starting my triathlon career with Half Ironman Geelong, Australia. We undertook... read more

    Tom Newman 09/05/2021
    alethea ellingsen Avatar

    Pat s USP is his uncanny ability to understand my training needs even before I even verbalise them. He is... read more

    alethea ellingsen 09/05/2021
    Aonghus OMuircheartaigh Avatar

    I ve worked with Pat since 2012. I m a middle-aged office worker with simple enough goals cycle... read more

    Aonghus OMuircheartaigh 09/05/2021
    Ali Ataie Avatar

    I started working with Pat just before the first UK lockdown started in Feb 2020. He s been an amazing... read more

    Ali Ataie 09/04/2021
    Matt James Avatar

    Pat has coached me through two Ironman races since 2011 (with a third this summer, lockdown permitting) and in recent... read more

    Matt James 09/04/2021
    Jason Damon Avatar

    Excellent bike fit advice given by Pat Leahy. Very happy with quality of service and overall experience. Highly recommended!

    Jason Damon 09/04/2021
    Gabriel Seite Avatar

    Pat was able to recognise faults in the setup from the start of riding. His extensive knowledge allowed him to... read more

    Gabriel Seite 09/04/2021
    Chris Hearn Avatar

    Pat is always helpful and friendly and his extensive knowledge of bike fitting and cycling training makes sure you come... read more

    Chris Hearn 09/04/2021
    Matt Colson Avatar

    Super helpful bike fitting with Pat, bike feels great on long rides now and no more pain in my knee.... read more

    Matt Colson 09/04/2021
    jack duncalf Avatar

    Really good and friendly service! Imparted lots of great advise and happy to help out where possible, will recommend to friends.

    jack duncalf 09/04/2021
    Adam Rushton Avatar

    Recently had a bike fitting with Pat - very knowledgeable and personable. Overall a great experience and bike comfort feels... read more

    Adam Rushton 09/04/2021
    Laura Smith Avatar

    Great expert bike fitting, a series of training plans and virtual group rides over the past year have been a... read more

    Laura Smith 09/04/2021
  • Katharine Wray Avatar

    I have been training with Pat at Speed Lab for the best part of a decade. He worked tirelessly to... read more

    Katharine Wray 09/04/2021
    Jack Brackley Avatar

    Highly recommended a bike fit with Pat from SpeedLab. He's fitted me for two bikes now and the before/after difference... read more

    Jack Brackley 09/04/2021
    Michael Robinson Avatar

    Pat was friendly and professional from the initial phone conversation, through to the fitting. He understood my issues, and suggested... read more

    Michael Robinson 09/03/2021
    Dan Lumb Avatar

    Pat is a magician with bike fitting. This is my second fitting on my new road bike and the results... read more

    Dan Lumb 09/02/2021
    Patrick Jones Avatar

    Had a session with Pat today & found it very useful& insightful - would recommend for anyone with niggling aches... read more

    Patrick Jones 09/02/2021
    Richard Milner Avatar

    Had a Road Fit with Pat. Really thorough and precise fitting. Had the opportunity to try different saddles, positions and... read more

    Richard Milner 09/02/2021
    Andy Hore Avatar

    After purchasing a bike that I suspected would be too small (the manufacturer asuring me it would be a perfect... read more

    Andy Hore 09/01/2021
    Hadi Alviri Avatar

    Very helpful and professional bike fit service.

    Hadi Alviri 09/11/2020
    Jibroni UK Avatar

    I highly recommend SpeedLabs BikeFit and Pat Leahey in particular. I requested for the Retul 3D Bike Fit. As my... read more

    Jibroni UK 09/09/2020
    Tom Bridge Avatar

    I went to Pat and Anita with some hip and joint pain, hoping a bike fit would make a difference.... read more

    Tom Bridge 09/09/2020
    Charlie Whiteley Avatar

    I d been having troubles with a long-term hamstring problem which seemed to always flare up during and after cycling... read more

    Charlie Whiteley 09/07/2020
    Justin Teutsch Avatar

    Thoroughly impressive setup for performance/racing bike fit. Pat is extremely precise, down to the last mm for all elements... read more

    Justin Teutsch 09/07/2020