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Power is the Holy Grail of cycling. The more bike power you have, the faster you can ride over a given distance. Developing your cycling power requires a lot of hard work, but with the correct weekly mix of different intensity training on the bike, alongside a good strength and conditioning plan off the bike you will soon find you’ll be riding faster, stronger and more efficiently.

Our classes focus on building power and endurance over an 8wk block using the Stages Flight software which displays your individual bike power-meter as a percentage of your FTP (Functional Threshold Power)on the big screen as you ride to make sure you are working in the right zones. An 8wk course would include 8 x 60-75minute classes. Riders will be benchmarked at the beginning and end with a power test to see how their FTP has improved. Guaranteed improvements in Endurance, Threshold, VO2 Max and Anaerobic Capacity.

What is FTP training?

FTP stands for “Functional Threshold Power”, which sounds complicated, but really just means the highest effort you could sustain for one hour, as measured in WATTS. Instead of leading you through an hour or longer workout to find this point, your instructor in an FTP class will instead guide you through a shorter class to perform a timed effort at a high, but sustainable effort. At the completion of this class, your FTP will be calculated by Stages Flight and update in your account (unless you have enabled FTP Lock Settings under Settings > Heart Rate and Watt).

In order to calculate your FTP, Stages Flight will take the average power of your FTP test and subtract a percent. For a 20-minute test, for example, 95% of your average power is used for your new FTP. An accurate FTP will ensure that you are able to get the most out of your workouts with power by setting your zones correctly so that efforts are not too hard or too easy.

London Cycling Coaching Classes Stages Power Meters

H2 Stages Flight Studios

H2 clubs has the most advanced and exciting indoor cycling studios at their Soho and Victoria locations. These studios are kitted out with 30 Stages SC series bikes each equipped with a Stages Power meter to read the rider’s actual power through a crank arm sensor. Unlike other bikes that include estimated or calculated values, we rely on a direct sensor to measure the rider’s pedalling force which broadcast’s power and cadence to both the Stages SIC1 on-bike console and the Stages Flight software on the big screen during a group cycling session.

Stages Flight is a dynamic multimedia fitness experience that enables indoor cyclists to set both set goals and track performance.
The software uses colour coded zones based on FTP (functional threshold power) to help guide you through intensity levels based on colour. The gauges within the class will change colors based on where you are riding in relation to the FTP set in your profile.

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