Katie Hill – New Bike Fitting

From the very first time I met Pat, he has been absolutely brilliant and is always there to greet with a huge smile!! He will spend as much time as is needed on giving the best advice and making sure the fit is just right, using the awesome fitbike machine. This ensures the fit is 100{9a02f3d6925cd92d9de7bcd3fad7ef1495d1a3d432b85b4c87452bdad4a9ff72} specific and precise to the rider. During the bike fit he explained what he was changing and why, so I could understand the importance of each adjustment how it should feel.

Once I made my decision on which bike to go for from the list of possible options, Pat was extremely efficient and it arrived the next week! His knowledge was fantastic and he offered tons of advice about the best components to use (pedals, saddle etc). The follow up was great, and he made sure that I practiced with the speedplay pedals before being let lose on the road!
I’m looking forward to a summer of plenty of riding and events on my new wheels!

Thankyou Pat!

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